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October 31st, 2009

Little update; I’ve moved back to Utrecht, found a job and a new place to live.. AND, I’ve started producing again, which might just be the best news of all ;) . First track that I’ll make will be together with Tex-nd. He helped me out with some fresh beats and I’ll try to finish it.. It’ll kick some ass for sure!


All sorts of stuff

August 7th, 2009

After some time of in-activity (gosh, that happens to me all the time), I updated the discography page with my webreleases and added some additional info.

Besides all that, I can announce that I will most likely be on-stage once again in the near future.. but, more on that later!

AND; I took a dive into all those ‘wonderful’ web2.0 developments for ‘upcoming’ artists.. so check out my profiles @:


New website

February 3rd, 2009

RSS Feed As you can see.. I’m trying to keep it really simple this time. Just a simple blog with RSS feeds so you can stay up to date without the need to visit us all the time to find out if there’s any news.

This place will be about the producer and DJ Ferox with news about releases, performances and all other related info. Please add the feed to your RSS reader to stay up to date and/or remember to come back some time :)

In case you are looking for the old TRANCECORE.NL website (forum); click here!