1000% Hardcore 5 – Masters Of Darkness

Posted February 4th, 2009 by admin

coverThis compilation contains the only track of mine, Ferox – Greed, which appeared on a physical release in 2008.  1000% Hardcore 5 – Masters of Darkness is compiled and mixed by Frazzbass.

01.Satronica – Life Is A Nightmare
02.Fragg’n’stein (Al Core Ft Fragg) – Metal Zone
03.Slavefriese – My Balls And My World
04.Dethphyr – The Nature Of Monsters
05.The Genesis Projection – Lock And Load
06.Ferox – Greed
07.Esoskull – A Spring’s Nightmare
08.Sarin Assault – Fear Death
09.Wishmaster – Hellbound Anthem 2008
10.Virus Factory – In The World
11.Tieum Ft Dr. CORE – Suce Mon Schmelz
12.The Mastery – Fucking Furious
13.The Hardcoholics (Leeloo) – D.E.X.T.E.R
14.MC Frazzbass & Dj D-Tox – Speedball Takers
15.Messiah Corps – Can’t Stop Him
16.Dj D-Tox – Endless Mutation
17.Sirio – Distopia
18.The Sickest Squad & Frazzbass – Super Mario
19.Frazzbass – I Just Wanna Fuck You
20.Al Core – Charnelurgie
21.Exagon – Nerve Racking
22.Mat Weasel Busters – Hardcore Kidding
23.Goetia – Sucka
24.Noisekick – Death Is Coming
25.Noorglo – Lord Of The Jump
26.Gabba Front Berlin – Burning With The Fires Of Orc
27.Komprex Vs Noisekick – We Raise The Wipeout
28.Bonehead Vs Prince Ov Darkness – 530BPMs Of Hate

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