Alias: Ferox
Name: Hendrik Admiraal
Date of Birth: 22-06-1982
Country: The Netherlands

Producing history
The year it all started. I received a copy of the music program called Fasttracker 2.

I came in contact with Kirill (Ki-Real) and started working with Buzz Tracker.

I started Trancecore.org and soon after received an E-Mail from Cardiac Music Bv stating they were interested in our concept. Kirill and I then signed a contract for 3 years and Bionic Records was born.

After a conflict about the future(style) of Bionic records, Kirill and I decided it was better to quit because we could not find ourselves in the ‘new’ concept.
For us Bionic was a great way to learn a little about the business. Also, we were quite happy about the result…. but not about the way it ended.

We had some music laying around and USR asked us to release it there, so we did. USR002 was released soon after.

I’m organizing parties for almost 3 years now and decided to stop and concentrate on studying instead.

I’ve been very busy studying and also organizing progressive/psytrance parties in Amsterdam (Studio-80) under the name Bleep Bizarre. Didn’t do any producing during these years, although there were a couple of releases.. for more info, check my releases page.

I’veinished my bachelor study (Music Management) and I’m currently paying my bills as a web- & graphics designer and still thinking about the future…

.. and now? Check out my blog! ;)