1000% Hardcore 5 – Masters Of Darkness

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coverThis compilation contains the only track of mine, Ferox – Greed, which appeared on a physical release in 2008.  1000% Hardcore 5 – Masters of Darkness is compiled and mixed by Frazzbass.

01.Satronica – Life Is A Nightmare
02.Fragg’n’stein (Al Core Ft Fragg) – Metal Zone
03.Slavefriese – My Balls And My World
04.Dethphyr – The Nature Of Monsters
05.The Genesis Projection – Lock And Load
06.Ferox – Greed
07.Esoskull – A Spring’s Nightmare
08.Sarin Assault – Fear Death
09.Wishmaster – Hellbound Anthem 2008
10.Virus Factory – In The World
11.Tieum Ft Dr. CORE – Suce Mon Schmelz
12.The Mastery – Fucking Furious
13.The Hardcoholics (Leeloo) – D.E.X.T.E.R
14.MC Frazzbass & Dj D-Tox – Speedball Takers
15.Messiah Corps – Can’t Stop Him
16.Dj D-Tox – Endless Mutation
17.Sirio – Distopia
18.The Sickest Squad & Frazzbass – Super Mario
19.Frazzbass – I Just Wanna Fuck You
20.Al Core – Charnelurgie
21.Exagon – Nerve Racking
22.Mat Weasel Busters – Hardcore Kidding
23.Goetia – Sucka
24.Noisekick – Death Is Coming
25.Noorglo – Lord Of The Jump
26.Gabba Front Berlin – Burning With The Fires Of Orc
27.Komprex Vs Noisekick – We Raise The Wipeout
28.Bonehead Vs Prince Ov Darkness – 530BPMs Of Hate

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After a long time of in-activity, Ferox finally steps behind the wheels of steel once again to play the best Bionic recordings tracks from back in 2001 to 2004!

Paradox is dedicated to some of the artists that led the revival of hardcore in the Netherlands from the break of the millenium, alongside with some talents for the future.  Expect to hear tracks from the period 2000 to 2004.

Line up:
- Catscan
- Outblast
- The Stunned Guys
- Placid K
- Celoy vs. Consumer
- Nosferatu
- Ferox
- Synthesis (a.k.a. Sequence & Ominous)
- Promo

Location: The Sand, Amsterdam
Date: 4-4-2009
Damage: 25 euro
Organized by Cyndium.nl

Don’t miss out on this one!

Ferox & Ki-Real – Forgotten tracks ep

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This time I’ve decided to release some older material of ours. Tracks which were scheduled to be released back in 2002, but due to circumstances just didn’t make it… Don’t expect modern Hardcore/Gabber sounds here; this is melodic Trancecore from quite some years back (so please don’t mind the slightly dated sound quality). For those who appreciate!


Ferox – The Free E.P.

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Back in July last year I’ve decided to release my latest work (already pretty old though) for free at Jamendo.com. It was supposed to be release @ Zero Tolerance Records, but unfortunately they went bankrupt…

New website

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RSS Feed As you can see.. I’m trying to keep it really simple this time. Just a simple blog with RSS feeds so you can stay up to date without the need to visit us all the time to find out if there’s any news.

This place will be about the producer and DJ Ferox with news about releases, performances and all other related info. Please add the feed to your RSS reader to stay up to date and/or remember to come back some time :)

In case you are looking for the old TRANCECORE.NL website (forum); click here!